We encourage researchers to use the tools available on TestMyBrain.org in their own studies, on an informal or formal basis.

If you are considering using the tools on the front page of TestMyBrain in your research, please note that we are constantly adding, removing, and changing experiments. A test may be very different from one day to the next, or it may disappear altogether. For researchers who want to use these tests as is, we have a static research page that includes some of our most popular neurocognitive tests that have been requested for research use. Each test will give a single score at the end in the form of participant feedback, and these values can be used in data analysis. If you would like access to this page, please contact us at testmybrain@gmail.com.

For those who have additional needs - for instance access to raw data, a dedicated study page, or customization of assessment tools -- please go to www.manybrains.net to find out more about services related to the use of TestMyBrain.org or email info@manybrains.net to inquire about neurocognitiive testing services.

Please note, all research use of this site is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

If you use any of our tools in your research, we ask that you acknowledge TestMyBrain.org in any publications that result from your use of this website and cite the following paper:

Germine, L., Nakayama, K., Duchaine, B., Chabris, C., Chatterjee, G., & Wilmer, J. (2012). Is the web as good as the lab? Comparable performance from web and lab in cognitive/perceptual experiments. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 19(5): 847-857.

Finally, if you are interested in partnering with us for test development or research, please get in touch with us.