We encourage teachers and educators to use the experiments available on TestMyBrain.org in whatever way they find useful. In the past, experiments on TestMyBrain have been used as classroom examples, incorporated into student assignments, and used by students in research projects.

If you are considering using TestMyBrain in the classroom, please note that we are constantly adding, removing, and changing experiments. A test may be very different from one day to the next, or it may disappear altogether.

If you plan on using TestMyBrain in your classroom, please contact us to get access to our static educators page that includes popular studies that teachers have requested for classroom use.

If you or your students want to reference these tests, you can use the following format:

Test My Brain. (2008). EXPERIMENT NAME. Retrieved DATE ACCESSED, from: http://www.testmybrain.org.

For example:

Test My Brain. (2016). Test of Multiple Memory Types. Retrieved October 22, 2016, from: http://www.testmybrain.org.