Welcome to TestMyBrain

TestMyBrain is a not-for-profit initiative dedicated to collaborating with citizen scientists throughout the world by providing measurement tools that allow people to engage in science and learn about themselves.

At TestMyBrain, we have the same goal that you do - to understand more about your brain. All of our experiments are designed to provide personalized feedback that is specific to you and will help you learn more about your own mind and brain.

What we learn from your participation helps us understand more about how the brain works, how we change as we get older, and the mental and physical disorders that affect brain health.

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As of 2017, we have tested...

  • 1,725,172


  • Across 149

    research studies

  • From 240

    Countries & Territories


The mission of TestmMyBrain is to promote brain science, education, and public engagement in science through the development of high quality neurocognitive tests and sharing of individual research results. To serve this mission, we provide resources for participants, researchers, and educators that are open and accessible.

For Participants

We engage research participants as citizen scientists. People come to TestMyBrain to learn more about themselves and contribute to brain science.

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For Researchers

We develop tools that can be used to assess and understand neurocognition in large, diverse samples, without the need for a trained administrator.

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For Educators

Teachers can use TestMyBrain in the classroom to facilitate learning through interaction and expose students to current research in the brain sciences.

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At TestMyBrain, we have a fundamental commitment to advancing brain science. Below are some examples of recent discoveries we have made using data collected through TestMyBrain.org.

Gender Inequality and Attention

In this study, we found that gender differences in attention around the world are related to differences in gender inequality. The performance of men and women was most similar in countries where men and women are valued more equally. Results were based on 21,484 TestMyBrain participants.

Genes and Face Preferences

In this study, we discovered that differences in how people judge face attractiveness (or individual face preferences) are primarily explain by differences in their environments rather than their genes. Results were based on 36,518 TestMyBrain participants (including 761 twin pairs).

The Smartest Age

In this study, we looked at how core cognitive abilities differ across the lifespan. We found that different cognitive abilities peak at different ages, suggesting that what we are good at changes as we get older. Results were based on 48,537 TestMyBrain and GamesWithWords.org participants.

Who We Are

TestMyBrain.org began at Harvard University in the Vision Sciences Lab, but is now a resource supported and/or managed by the nonprofit Many Brains Project, the Laboratory for Brain and Cognitive Health Technology at McLean Hospital & Harvard Medical School, and the Human Variation Lab at Wellesley College.

Laura Germine, Ph.D. Director, Co-founder, and Principal Investigator
Ken Nakayama, Ph.D. Co-founder and Principal Investigator
Jeremy Wilmer, Ph.D. Principal Investigator
Paolo Martini, Ph.D. Head of Research and Development
Sam Anthony Head of Informatics
Sarah Cohan Head of Project Management

If you have questions or comments about our work here at TestMyBrain, feedback on any of our studies, or would just like to say hello, drop us a line at testmybrain@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you!